Thursday, July 21, 2011



isn't this the way it usually is in the summers? there's so much to do and the kids are home and i'm running in circles all the time. so i have a few things to share. i'm currently working working on original work for several things, one being another solo show in november. hopefully i'll have some to share with you soon. in the meantime i have added a few new spots where you can pick up some prints locally! one is the dandy lion in new albany, indiana and also wyatt art studios in rochester, new hampshire.

There were a few original pieces added to the shop earlier this week and there is one left!


  1. Hope you have time to relax on the holidays as well Hollie :) The new prints below are just wonderful. Kx

  2. enjoy..... a lot!! We are waiting to see your new proyect!!!
    Good weekend!