Thursday, June 30, 2011

new prints

there are three new prints in the shop! "bob allen", "patience" and "future" are all giclee prints in editions of 100.

Monday, June 6, 2011

yellow umbrella


i'm so psyched to now offer prints and paper goods locally in bemidji, minnesota. yellow umbrella just re-opened in a new space last week and look! math clouds?? i want to live there. how does minnesota law handle squatters rights?

you can see more pictures and find out more on their blog.

summer so far...


once school is over for the year and the kids are home, balancing work and play time is stressful. you would think there would be less to keep up with so it would be easier. i honestly think that myself every may when we start thinking about summer break. "oh man, it's going to amazing not to have to get up early and pack lunches and check homework and help with research projects. we'll play outside all day!" i forget over the fall and winter and spring - three seasons to wipe experience from my brain - that balancing the "play all day" with the "work all day" is tricky. there isn't enough "all day." we're working on it, though. we tackle the summer reading and the snipping paper in the hottest part of the day while the pets nap in the shade. mornings are for errand running and evenings are for roasting fresh vegetables and walks to the river.