Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this week in music

i'm slammed right now with working goodness! most of it is final touches for a show in birmingham opening may 6th. i'll do a proper post on that tomorrow but i just want to share a few things that i've remembered, stumbled across or was shared with me in the last few days.

Dark Sisters - The Making of... Part One from 59 Productions on Vimeo.

first, the stumbled upon. i am a big fan of 59 productions and am thrilled to be able to follow nico muhly's new project with them. read more about it at their site and while you're there they also have a beautiful set of 4 videos sharing the making of jonsi's latest live show which was incredible.

the shared! this is the trailer for the movie submarine that alex turner, the man that can do no wrong, created the soundtrack for. my chrissy slipped this casually into an email yesterday and my brain exploded.

the remembered... speaking of alex turner, it seems like for the past year and a half whenever his name is mentioned i have to watch this video again. the simplicity is brilliant and the song might be one of my very favorites of the arctic monkeys. love it to bits.

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