Monday, April 4, 2011

more new work to replace the work i sold from the CUTTERS show as it continues to travel. you can click through to see each piece on my flickr site.

LCD soundsystem held their last show ever this past saturday in madison square garden and for all of us poor poor fans who missed it the entire set is up on youtube. so excited. my day is made.


  1. I found your prints on Etsy and really love your work. It's really great.. might inspire some changes in my own paintings. It can't be true about LCD soundsystem?! Nooo..... soo sad.
    Keep it up!

  2. I run out of ways to say "nice work, Hollie!" so that will have to do, I guess :)

  3. Hey Hollie,
    I'm an art student in Mass about to graduate with my BFA in May (very excited) I came across your blog and I am super excited to follow you! Your work is really inspiring to me I will be sure to keep my eye out!
    Your use of vintage paper really gets me I've always had a very soft side for it, along with old photographs.