Thursday, April 28, 2011

The All-Star Book Fair

How Quickly It Grabbed Me

“The All-Star Book Fair.”
Art made from and inspired by books by Hollie Chastain
Functional art made from books by Colleen Casey, Kristie David, Katy DeMent, Peyton Glanton and Elise McClellan.

Opening May 6, [5pm-9pm] and Sat May 7, [10am-6pm]

Part of the show sales during the opening reception will be donated to the Alabama tornado victims

as many of you probably know the south is wrecked. my family and friends were pretty lucky and we're seeing nowhere near the devastation that has swept over alabama. that's saying a lot considering i just drove up a side street a mile from my house where trees and power lines have been broken off and twisted into corkscrews. this is why the show that i've been working towards for a few months is suddenly so much more special. it's taking place at the naked art gallery in birmingham, alabama and a portion of the opening night sales will be donated to help the tornado victims in that city and so many more that need help. please come out if you're in the area for a wonderful night of art and friends for a good cause.


  1. so glad to hear you and yours are safe. best of luck with raising money to help!

  2. this sounds like an amazing show. i hope you raise lots of money!

  3. thank you both! i hope we do too.