Sunday, March 13, 2011

one of the things i picked up this last week is a plastic sleeve full of family history pages that look like they have been removed from bibles. the difference in the handwriting from top to bottom thrills me. you can click for a larger view.

this one has some stitching to fix a tear.


  1. The handwriting is quite beautiful, so elegant. It is a bit sad too as family bibles are usually passed down from one generation to the next. Doesn't it make you wonder about the people? I get the same pangs when I walk through the churchyard next to my house and look at the names on the headstones.

  2. i definitely wonder. i have no idea how all these pages came to be together as they are from about 5 different families. it's interesting to follow the movement of the families across the country in the birth places and for some reason i'm so drawn to the birth of the twin blackwood girls.

  3. amazing! it's sad and intriguing at the same time. it does make me wonder how they would have all ended up where they did.

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  5. ah! the difference in the handwriting really is intriguing. i'm also so drawn to the stitching of the tear - no one would ever do that these days. what a great find!

  6. Would it be okay if I post your photos of the Family Bible at I'm afraid I already posted it before I thought to ask you if it was okay. I am able to cancel the posting, and would be glad to do so if that's your wish. Below is the information I included.:

    "Very interesting post on a blog dated Sunday, March 13, 2011 at Hollie Chastain's blog. The blog is called, "Dr. Kennedy Jones".

    The entry I'm referring to is pages of a family bible originally owned by Jesse Stanley (b. 1793, d. 1867)and his wife Mary Stanley (b. ?, d. 1871). It appears to have been passed down (via inheritance?)to their daughter Susan Stanley Blackwood (b. 1823 in Surry Co., NC, d. ?) and her husband Robert Norris Blackwood (b. 1822 in Orange Co, NC; d. ?).

    Here is the blog address. Look for the entry dated March 13, 2011.

    I'll also try to post the pictures.


  7. that's more than ok! when i first found these pages my husband even suggested posting at ancestry and i never got around to doing it myself. glad they made it!