Thursday, March 17, 2011

new print!

The First Freedom

"The First Freedom"
11” x 14” edition of 100

there is a new giclee print in the shop! this piece was created as part of the poster cabaret 2011 bicycle print set which you can see in its entirety the end of april. the title was inspired by a memory from last summer. we taught the kids to ride bikes last june and because any child is a super quick learner at most anything - little sponges - they were up and fast within a few days. eric and i were sitting on the back of the car watching them zoom around a park by the river and he said "well, they have transportation now. they can leave whenever they want" and made me giggle. of course they haven't gone anywhere yet. :p

and a few pictures from the week to share because i finally got a new camera! it's a nikon D3000 and i love it SO MUCH but have barely had a chance to really break it in. there is a book to read and a dvd to watch. so much information!

this is the little wooden chocolate box i carry around with me for ickle wee clippings. i have a hard time keeping my hands still while waiting in the car on the kids or watching movies so i cut the hundreds of little dots and drops i use in my work and keep them in this box along with scissors.

Double R Diner

new favorite mug!!


  1. Love your new print and your tabby cat's legs!!

  2. thanks sarah! she manages to work her way into 80% of photographs. it's a "where's waldo" situation most of the time.

  3. Love the new print! So cool!

    Camila F.

  4. A new print! How did I miss this? Just gorgeous - would look divine with the other two I'm thinking :))
    I love these glimpses into your world, Hollie :)

  5. Love your little box of clippings. Make it rain, girl!