Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Original Work


12" x 12" collage on panel

The Standards

"The Standards"
8" x 10" collage on panel

Creature Gestures
"Creature Gestures"
10" x 10" collage on panel

Psychic Lyrics
"Psychic Lyrics"
10" x 10" collage on panel

There is some new work available through Sebastian Foster gallery this week and a few new prints on the way in the coming weeks!


  1. I'm absolutely smitten with your imagery. Such beautiful patterns and textures!

  2. Love these - wonderful work Hollie :) Kx

  3. I am a huge fan of collage work and I just stumbled upon your work recently. I absolutely love it! Do you sell your work online anywhere?

  4. I recently found your work and am so hugely inspired by it! These are glorious! My favorite is 'creature gestures'. Gorgeous gorgeous.

  5. thank you all so much!

    mimi - i have original work available at this time through Sebastian Foster and Nahcotta Gallery...,-Hollie.aspx

    and prints through my etsy shop...