Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just In Time...


Hello hello! Just in time for holiday shopping I have added a few original pieces to my Etsy shop. Hope everyone is having a wonderful season so far!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Winner

Time's Curve

"Time's Curve" - 10" x 22" collage on panel - Another of the new pieces currently being hung for the opening tomorrow night!

And the winner is... #25 which is Jerangela! Yay! I'll be emailing you soon to get your pick and address for shipping.

You guys don't know how much your sweet words mean to me. So inspiring! We'll do this again soon. I have another big batch of prints coming in within the next few weeks for the holidays and I'll have another giveaway then.

Have a very wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

new prints and giveaway!


I have been asked a lot to offer these two prints in a larger format and here they are! I'm so excited about these as they have always been favorites of mine. They are each archival giclee editions of 170 and measure 11" x 14" and you can find them here.

So how about a little giveaway? Just leave a comment here to enter and I'll draw a winner on Friday. That person can pick a print of their choice from the shop! Easy peasy.

Wyatt Art Studios - November Show!

The Making Of

"The Making Of" and more new work will be on display and available through the month of November at the wonderful Wyatt Art Studios Main st gallery! The opening is this Saturday from 5 - 8pm. Check out the site and rsvp on facebook. If you're in the area definitely stop by!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have added an "artist proof" section to my etsy shop. we are in the process of moving house and the less i have to move the better. i only have one or two of most of these and all of them are from either sold-out editions or editions that i have never offered in my shop before so get them while you can!

for more frequent updates on goings on visit my facebook page here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ETA 10!

nahcotta gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the enormous tiny art show and i am so pleased to be a part of it again! to mark the occasion they have put together a sweet little video that all of the participating artists contributed to. the show runs september 1st through october 2nd with the opening reception this friday. if you can't make it then all the work is available online.

"The Landward Limit Of The Sea"


Thursday, August 18, 2011

fine line prints and release party

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

fine line magazine is having a release party and print show to launch issue #4. i was lucky enough to be one of seven previously featured artists to offer a limited edition run of 10 prints for the show. we choose "fresh courage." you can purchase these prints as well as the magazine at the launch party on the 26th and can find more info here...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


i wanted to share this charming find i picked up yesterday. these are a few of my favorite pages.

Friday, July 22, 2011


since this song came out last year i have passionate surges of appreciation for it every once in a while. surges that push everything else out of my head. surges so strong that nothing else will do for an hour or more and i'll just leave it looped while i work. it's a brilliant song in itself but it doesn't hurt that the track is heavily arthur russell influenced. arthur, a musical hero of mine, got us through the hottest part of yesterday hiding inside with world of echo and scissors and books.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



isn't this the way it usually is in the summers? there's so much to do and the kids are home and i'm running in circles all the time. so i have a few things to share. i'm currently working working on original work for several things, one being another solo show in november. hopefully i'll have some to share with you soon. in the meantime i have added a few new spots where you can pick up some prints locally! one is the dandy lion in new albany, indiana and also wyatt art studios in rochester, new hampshire.

There were a few original pieces added to the shop earlier this week and there is one left!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

new prints

there are three new prints in the shop! "bob allen", "patience" and "future" are all giclee prints in editions of 100.

Monday, June 6, 2011

yellow umbrella


i'm so psyched to now offer prints and paper goods locally in bemidji, minnesota. yellow umbrella just re-opened in a new space last week and look! math clouds?? i want to live there. how does minnesota law handle squatters rights?

you can see more pictures and find out more on their blog.

summer so far...


once school is over for the year and the kids are home, balancing work and play time is stressful. you would think there would be less to keep up with so it would be easier. i honestly think that myself every may when we start thinking about summer break. "oh man, it's going to amazing not to have to get up early and pack lunches and check homework and help with research projects. we'll play outside all day!" i forget over the fall and winter and spring - three seasons to wipe experience from my brain - that balancing the "play all day" with the "work all day" is tricky. there isn't enough "all day." we're working on it, though. we tackle the summer reading and the snipping paper in the hottest part of the day while the pets nap in the shade. mornings are for errand running and evenings are for roasting fresh vegetables and walks to the river.

Monday, May 23, 2011


of all the things i come across as i'm looking for material, hardly anything makes me happier than old medicine. not strictly the medicine packaging itself but the advertising as well. the simple but bold typography is so beautiful. when we visited saint augustine a few months ago one of the stops i had to make was an old pharmacy in the center of town. it was a little hokey but i expected that from such a touristy city center. what i was thrilled with was their collection of medicine bottles. walls and cabinets and shelves and cases...




i might have taken more pictures in there than i did of the kids at the beach. ok, not quite but almost. it was amazing! so since then i have added a few things to my own small personal collection.





i bought these labels from a seller on etsy. they are authentic but were never used so they are flat and perfect without creases. I LOVE THEM. i still don't know what "sweeny" means.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

giveaway news

everyone needs to know about this! there is a huge giveaway taking place very soon over at habit of art. cathy has brought together 10 artists with a total of 25 works of art. that's huge! it starts on may 26th and the winner will be announced on the 31st. there is a sample of work above but you can see a full list of participating artists and all the work included here. there will be three winners so mark your calendar for a chance to be one of them!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Castle Dangerous
"castle dangerous"
11" x 14" collage on panel

8" x 10" collage on panel

Losing Track of the Tragic Seasons
"losing track of the tragic seasons"
10" x 10" collage on panel

collage on book cover

...a few works currently showing at the naked art gallery in birmingham

i want to send a belated but very heartfelt thank you to birmingham for making my gallery opening last weekend so much fun. i fell in love with white cucumber sangria, met so many wonderful people and had the best time with friends. after the opening we walked from the hotel down to the garage cafe and ended the night on the patio. if you live in birmingham you are a lucky little beastie to have this place in your city. i can't wait to go back. even though i packed my new camera ( "if i get this i'm going to take it everywhere i go and document my travels like you don't even know") with an extra battery i didn't take even one picture. next time. i promise.

you can purchase work through the gallery here and feel free to email vero with any questions you might have. the show is up until june 4th.

it seems like after over a month of stress and constant deadlines i always need to take a week to do a whole lot of nothing. of course with two kids and pets and orders to fill then "nothing" still feels busy but it's nice to let that tightly-wound, excited anxiety go. i fit in a few movies and cleaned up the studio space and even picked up a book, can you believe it? today, weirdly enough, feels "back to busy."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The All-Star Book Fair

How Quickly It Grabbed Me

“The All-Star Book Fair.”
Art made from and inspired by books by Hollie Chastain
Functional art made from books by Colleen Casey, Kristie David, Katy DeMent, Peyton Glanton and Elise McClellan.

Opening May 6, [5pm-9pm] and Sat May 7, [10am-6pm]

Part of the show sales during the opening reception will be donated to the Alabama tornado victims

as many of you probably know the south is wrecked. my family and friends were pretty lucky and we're seeing nowhere near the devastation that has swept over alabama. that's saying a lot considering i just drove up a side street a mile from my house where trees and power lines have been broken off and twisted into corkscrews. this is why the show that i've been working towards for a few months is suddenly so much more special. it's taking place at the naked art gallery in birmingham, alabama and a portion of the opening night sales will be donated to help the tornado victims in that city and so many more that need help. please come out if you're in the area for a wonderful night of art and friends for a good cause.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this week in music

i'm slammed right now with working goodness! most of it is final touches for a show in birmingham opening may 6th. i'll do a proper post on that tomorrow but i just want to share a few things that i've remembered, stumbled across or was shared with me in the last few days.

Dark Sisters - The Making of... Part One from 59 Productions on Vimeo.

first, the stumbled upon. i am a big fan of 59 productions and am thrilled to be able to follow nico muhly's new project with them. read more about it at their site and while you're there they also have a beautiful set of 4 videos sharing the making of jonsi's latest live show which was incredible.

the shared! this is the trailer for the movie submarine that alex turner, the man that can do no wrong, created the soundtrack for. my chrissy slipped this casually into an email yesterday and my brain exploded.

the remembered... speaking of alex turner, it seems like for the past year and a half whenever his name is mentioned i have to watch this video again. the simplicity is brilliant and the song might be one of my very favorites of the arctic monkeys. love it to bits.

Friday, April 22, 2011

new prints!

there are two new giclee prints in the shop, both in editions of 150. you can find "clairaudient" and "the standards" here! I'm so pleased with the way these came out. they look so wonderful together.

in other print related news i only have 7 more of the print "home life in faraway lands" in my possession so if you've been waiting to get one then now is the time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cutters Edges

Cutters Edges

Contemporary Collage
A Group Exhibition Curated by James Gallagher

Opening Exhibition
29th April - 28th May 2011

Gestalten Space
Sophienstraße 21
10178 Berlin

Featured artists: Rubén B (Spain), Michael Bartalos (USA), Melinda Beck (USA), Brian Belott (USA), Hisham Akira Bharoocha (USA), Stephen Brandes (Ireland), Paul Burgess (UK), Dennis Busch (Germany), Hollie Chastain (USA), Alejandro Chavetta (USA), Cless (Spain), Barrett Cook (USA), Liam Crockard (Canada), Valero Doval (Spain), Jesse Draxler (USA), Lukas Feireiss (Germany), Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez (Germany), Erik Foss (USA), James Gallagher (USA), April Gertler (Germany), Jason Glasser (USA/France), Kate Hate (Germany), Sean Hillen (Ireland), Ashkan Honarvar (Netherlands), Jordin Isip (USA), Eva Lake (USA), Greg Lamarche (USA), Dani Leventhal (USA), Leif Low-beer (USA), Max o Matic (Spain), Jeffrey Meyer (USA), Vincent Pacheco (USA), Melissa Paget (Canada), David Plunkert (USA), Garrett Pruter (USA), Kareem Rizk (Australia), Javier Rodriguez (UK), Jenni Rope (Finland), Jason Rosenberg (USA), Valerie Roybal (USA), Joe Ryckebosch (USA), Cay Schroder (Netherlands), Baby Smith (USA), Kerstin Stephan (Germany), Katherine Streeter (USA), Sergei Sviatchenko (Denmark), Alejandra Villasmil (Venezuela/Chile), David Wallace (USA), Jessica Williams (USA), Oliver Wiegner (Germany), Lulu Wolf (USA), Bill Zindel (USA), and Anthony Zinonos (Germany).

if you're in the area this is a beautifully curated show in a brand new space!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

when i receive a large order of wooden panels then there is always a scramble for the big empty box. the bunny beat the cat and the kids this time.

welcome, new followers!! i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"artists who blog" interview

Artists Who Blog interview

who doesn't love "artists who blog"?? it's such a wonderful resource for me, and i know so many others, for advice and inspiration and a sense of camaraderie amongst people that spend a lot of time alone in a studio every day. that's why i jumped at the chance to give back and contribute to this blog. the interview is up now and you can read it here. thank you so much for inviting me, stephanie!

Monday, April 4, 2011

more new work to replace the work i sold from the CUTTERS show as it continues to travel. you can click through to see each piece on my flickr site.

LCD soundsystem held their last show ever this past saturday in madison square garden and for all of us poor poor fans who missed it the entire set is up on youtube. so excited. my day is made.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Original Work


12" x 12" collage on panel

The Standards

"The Standards"
8" x 10" collage on panel

Creature Gestures
"Creature Gestures"
10" x 10" collage on panel

Psychic Lyrics
"Psychic Lyrics"
10" x 10" collage on panel

There is some new work available through Sebastian Foster gallery this week and a few new prints on the way in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Working Proof

i've had quite a few requests for this print over the last year or so and now i'm happy to say it's available! i've teamed up with The Working Proof to offer a giclee edition of 50 prints of "unplug." 15% of the gross sales goes to American Forests which is something close to my heart living here surrounded by their wonder in tennessee. you can also check out a little interview with me on their blog. thanks, anna, for making this possible!