Friday, December 31, 2010

new years print giveaway!


***we have a winner!! thanks everyone who played along! we'll do it again soon***

happy new year! i hope everyone feels relatively awake and not too headachy and whiskey-drenched this morning. i've been thinking of doing a giveaway for a long time and i decided that the new year is a perfect reason when i found the perfect challenge to go with it! the above isn't the print, it's the mystery. this is the back cover of a book i found a few days ago and i have spent a good bit of time trying to decipher the entire poem written in pencil in the center. i can't find it online when searching for the lines that i can make out so maybe it's an original.

the title is Boys and you can download a super big version here. i like doing this sort of thing and if you do too then give it a go! the first person who emails me ( with the entire poem can choose any one print from my etsy shop for free, shipping and all!

2010 was such an amazing year and i want to thank you all for following along and for your support!


  1. I love it when books have a past and harbor little secrets. Happy New Year from one holly to another! Love your work!

  2. thank you all very much! happy new year!