Wednesday, December 1, 2010


just a few workday photos to share. we try to coordinate the afternoon coffee break with the 20 minutes a day when the sunlight coming in the front windows is perfect for basking and warming your belly.

my giclee community chorus print made the bloesem 2010 gift guide in the company of some of my favorite ladies! i'm keeping this guide in mind when i start my holiday shopping this weekend. no, i haven't started but shhh don't panic me. it'll be cool. deep breaths. in addition to shopping local and supporting some super chattanooga creatives i have a few websites bookmarked. this one specifically!

thanks lori for the mention on automatism!


  1. Ooh, fuzzy kitty tummy! Great picture. Congrats on the gift guide, too.

    In a shocking development, my shopping is almost done, and I've even finished the gifts I was knitting already. Scary.

  2. You are so welcome Hollie — I'm a huge fan of your beautiful work!


  3. Love your working place, this wood table looks phantastic and your kitty is super cute! And congrats to your success!

  4. beautiful photos! and yay for the gift guide :)
    have fun getting all your pressies sorted ~ nothing better than finding just the right thing for someone.

  5. nice table! nice packaging!! nice new piece!!! nice ash!!!!