Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Conner Branch"
conner branch

another small original for the shop!

in other news this is the last picture i took with my camera before i tripped over the dog and dropped it. it was old and crappy and needed replacing anyway but it still doesn't change the fact that i'm without a camera now. also choosing to get a new camera and having to because of a clumsy mistake are two different things. lame. new camera suggestions are welcome! is there one in particular that you're in love with?


  1. Good morning Holly, I am new to your blog.Your work is wonderful. I found you via one of the etsy clips on vimeo. I live about an hour north of you. I am including the web address of the camera I use, a Leica V-Lux 20. It is tiny; it fits in the palm of my hand. The image quality, though, is superb. Being a Leica, it is obviously not cheap, but of all the cameras I have owned I find that this is the best, especially since it is so small that I can carry it with me at all times. Good luck. Carolina

  2. I recommend Canon SLRs and if you can afford it, spend the money on a good lens with a low aperature - it allows for shallow depth of field, which puts anything but what you're focusing on out-of-focus, if that makes sense. Gives everything a very nice, warm feel. You should be able to find one used, since lots of digital camera buffs are always trading in for the new model. Love your stuff. Inspiring!