Friday, November 19, 2010

fine line magazine

Milwaukee based artists and curators Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber are pleased to announce Fine Line Magazine, a follow up project to the now defunct Armoury Gallery, which closed in spring of 2009.

Fine Line is a hybrid between the gallery and traditional magazines; free of all advertising, reviews, previews and biographies, Fine Line instead presents carefully curated thoughts and ideas.

The first issue, titled “Welcome Home” features the work of 14 artists spanning 7 states and 7 countries. It will be available to the public at a launch party to be held Friday, November 19th at Studio Deep End near Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward.

A limited 500 copies of the first issue will be available for $10 each. Copies will also be available at after the launch party.

Participating artists, in order of appearance:

Christopher Gorski (Portland, OR)
Jeremy Daigneault (Evergreen, CO)
Sidney Pink (Baltimore, MD)
Eva Eun-Sil Han (Seoul, South Korea/Belgium)
Casey Jex Smith (San Jose, CA)
Jennifer Bastian (Los Angeles, CA)
Inca Pan (Taichung, Taiwan)
Matthew Craven (Brooklyn, NY)
Li Hui (Hangzou, China)
Alexandro Garcia (Uruguay)
Benedetta Falugi (Follonica, Italy)
Virginia Echeverria Whipple (Santiago, Chile)
Hollie Chastain (Chattanooga, TN)
Buddy Wakefield (Seattle, WA)

VERY honored to be featured in their first edition! there is information about the launch party on their facebook page. i wish i could make it.

a big thanks to grain edit for the feature this week and making afterthought their poster pick. the site is so full of yummy eye candy like this print recuerdos by alberto cerriteno. it's going on my christmas list, for sure.

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  1. I wish we would have such a magazin here in germany, our art magazines are mostly boring. I'm sure we will see you in one of the next issues.