Sunday, November 28, 2010

a few found pages to share...


one of my very favorite books growing up!


i have extended the holiday sale in my shop to last until midnight on monday nov. 29, tomorrow night. just use the coupon code "HOLIDAY2010" for 20% off your entire order!

Saturday, November 27, 2010







The Telling-Grandon Scrapbook is a 28-page scrapbook/diary containing photographs and ephemera collected by an Evanston, Illinois group during a visit by train to the New Orleans Carnival of 1903. The New Orleans section includes brief references to Begue's Restaurant, Fabacher's Restaurant, Christ Church, Metairie Cemetery, St. Roch Cemetery, Tulane University, the French Opera, the U.S. Mint, the Young Men's Gymnastic Club, U.S. and French battleships in port, Royal Street, the French Market, and the Rex and Proteus parades. While the scrapbook has no single author, several of the entries are signed by individuals within the group. Two of the more prominent among these were an Irving Telling and Willie Grandon; thus the title of the collection, Telling-Grandon.

this is why i'll spend hours digging in the forgotten corners of junk shops, splintered trunks, the bottom drawers of half-rotten bureaus. i can't even imagine the thrill of finding something like this. every image is golden but of course when i saw the costumes my heart beat a little faster.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

holiday sale!

it's that time again...
today and tomorrow i'm having a "start of the season" sale in the shop. just enter the coupon code HOLIDAY2010 to receive 20% off! also, i sent a stack of limited edition prints to leo handmade this week so if you are in or near chattanooga tomorrow you can buy local as well. and the ETAS at nahcotta gallery is offering free shipping from now until christmas so if there is a piece of original work you have your eye on then now is the time!

happy shopping everyone and please support independent businesses and artists this season!

Friday, November 19, 2010

fine line magazine

Milwaukee based artists and curators Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber are pleased to announce Fine Line Magazine, a follow up project to the now defunct Armoury Gallery, which closed in spring of 2009.

Fine Line is a hybrid between the gallery and traditional magazines; free of all advertising, reviews, previews and biographies, Fine Line instead presents carefully curated thoughts and ideas.

The first issue, titled “Welcome Home” features the work of 14 artists spanning 7 states and 7 countries. It will be available to the public at a launch party to be held Friday, November 19th at Studio Deep End near Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward.

A limited 500 copies of the first issue will be available for $10 each. Copies will also be available at after the launch party.

Participating artists, in order of appearance:

Christopher Gorski (Portland, OR)
Jeremy Daigneault (Evergreen, CO)
Sidney Pink (Baltimore, MD)
Eva Eun-Sil Han (Seoul, South Korea/Belgium)
Casey Jex Smith (San Jose, CA)
Jennifer Bastian (Los Angeles, CA)
Inca Pan (Taichung, Taiwan)
Matthew Craven (Brooklyn, NY)
Li Hui (Hangzou, China)
Alexandro Garcia (Uruguay)
Benedetta Falugi (Follonica, Italy)
Virginia Echeverria Whipple (Santiago, Chile)
Hollie Chastain (Chattanooga, TN)
Buddy Wakefield (Seattle, WA)

VERY honored to be featured in their first edition! there is information about the launch party on their facebook page. i wish i could make it.

a big thanks to grain edit for the feature this week and making afterthought their poster pick. the site is so full of yummy eye candy like this print recuerdos by alberto cerriteno. it's going on my christmas list, for sure.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

new prints!

there are now a few new giclee prints that have been added to the shop including i came to get down which i am particularly thrilled to offer. there are also a few that have been released exclusively through poster cabaret and sebastian foster including exit 119. new work is coming very soon! i'm cutting as fast as my fingers will let me and enjoying every second of it.

thank you all for the wonderful comments lately surrounded my handmade portrait. i've been overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration and support and i truly appreciate it!

and thank you jonathon for the mention on cultural dissection! i'm a fan of your blog. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i am sooo lucky to be a part of the etsy handmade portraits project that you can now see on the etsy blog! it was a lot of fun to make, though incredibly nerve-wracking leading up to the actual filming. i am clumsy and silly and ridiculous 75 percent of the time so i would like to thank pascal for producing such a wonderful finished project! so check it out. you can see my crazy kiddos and my desk mess and other fun things. :p

in other news i have prints available now in both urban alchemist in brooklyn and also tedda hughes in san francisco, both great boutiques.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SoulPancake released a video trailer for the new book! can i just say again how much i adore rainn wilson? adore. it also reminded me that i have a little interview up on the site and forgot to mention it here.

i'm spending my 5 minutes of down-time this morning with a second cup of coffee and illustrator sabine timm's flickr streak. what a charming world...

mask in use


dinner party for little Oaky