Thursday, October 7, 2010

this is an album cover i made recently for a wonderful couple of people. they loved the piece "homelife..." and wanted something similar but a little more personal to them and their story. i wish them all the best with this and can't wait to see the finished product!

in other music news i finally got to see the books last weekend. floods kept me away from their last tour and this past weekend was just perfect. the first really chilly weekend of the season and plenty of time to get there and back without stressing about deadlines and work.


i love these guys. (i just saw a post on tumblr somewhere last week about jerks who take crappy pictures at shows ((one of those rants that is made more "relevant" by placing white text on an ironic image)) but i just need one and i can't help it) front row balcony is the best place to see them and the screen and it all comes together as one unit. so sad when it was over. we could have watched them all night.


  1. Always love a turntable, and your collage is sensational! It will be exciting to see the end product. And thanks for introducing me to The Books. Like the music a heap, and their website is also pretty funky. Can imagine it being a great gig.

  2. thanks so much! the books are just the best!! the whole aspect of audio collage is obviously something i can relate to and they "junk" for a lot of their samples, picking old tapes up from garage sales and flea markets. i love that there isn't really anything else like them. you can hear more of their songs through lastfm here... . 'tokyo' and 'the lemon of pink' were my introduction to them years ago. ^_^ happy listening!