Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new prints!

i added two new limited edition 12" x 12" giclee prints to the shop today. the annex, which was just featured in the soul pancake book, and home life in faraway lands. they're big and pretty and i love them!


  1. I love them too! Gorgeous work, Hollie:) Kx

  2. gorgeous! think i need one for christmas {can i wait that long??} :)

  3. Lovely.

    One of these days I'm getting one of your mix tape prints. Still in love with that one.

    PS. How are you? I miss you. I think of KOA Kamping whenever this time of the year hits.


  4. thanks so much everyone!

    finch, i miss you so so much! i wish we could get together a KOA kamping trip for november.

  5. The prints are looking very very lovely! Look at that gorgeous big pile of creative goodness!!