Friday, October 8, 2010

the first attempt at the picture. i clicked the mouse with everyone in view and by the time photobooth counted to three everyone had giggled away and out of the shot but me. second attempt...

chester the pig

yay! we semi-spontaneously adopted a new little member to our tiny kingdom this morning. we bought him grapes on the way home, the cat is interested but not in a sinister way, and, for the time being, the ape man and the devil are letting him take a break from the squeezey cuddles. this is chester. he seems happy.


  1. I get the feeling Chester is going to be very happy, even if he does get over squeezed by ape man and the devil. Conjures up an interesting image!

  2. Chester is so adorable! As are the rest of you :)

  3. hooray Gpigs! They're noisy and sometimes their cages smell bad, but if you're ever unhappy, feed a guinea pig a grape and just try to hold on to your bad mood. Impossible.