Sunday, September 5, 2010

the weather is absolutely incredible this weekend! i know that the oppressive summer heat isn't gone and that this is just a premature tease so i'm making the most of it while it's here. the windows are all open in the house and right now i'm outside not sweating. this is huge. i'm also excited that it's cool enough to take some afternoon coffee out into the porch to sort through some new material i picked up yesterday.


why aren't the numbers in order? what's going on here?? i've learned to let it go. you can drive yourself insane trying to reason out scribbles.

i remember writing my multicolored name like this in my unicorn trapper keeper in the second grade.


i found this scrap of hornet's nest on the trail when we hiked to the waterfall and pressed it into my sketchbook to think about it. it's basically bee-made paper with the same texture as the recycled paper that you can make using screen but far more thin and fragile. I want to use it but i'm afraid that any wet binding agent will dissolve it. then again, surely it's rained on in its natural setting, right? i'll have to test a small corner. gel medium might be best.


here it is magnified. it almost looks like felt.


  1. I think our summer might be over already :P We went from June-uary to a little hot weather and now it's cold again. I like your new finds!

  2. gah, that sounds perfect to me. i would love it if our summer was over! it tricks me every year though. the first cool air comes through and makes me dream of scarves and the next week is in the 90s again. lame! thanks janelle. ^_^

  3. Fantastic finds. Have fun with them!