Monday, September 20, 2010

i keep stumbling on these organs in various forms. it started with one that kelly and i found in the basement of an antique barn in nashville. i've found a couple more in the last year or so but we came across this one yesterday in the search for a new rug that was plugged in! and worked!! i love everything about it. from the friendly hum when you click it on to the bright colors and those keys are so so satisfying to press. as soon as i get the room to have one without tripping over it all the time i might just have to track one down again. and considering i can't play anything at all i might teach myself a little just to justify its spot in our lives to anyone that isn't won over by the color of the keys alone. and i must admit that i can't look at one at all without the beginning of animal collective's daily routine popping wonderfully into my head. the organ that will be mine will play that on command all on its own.

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