Saturday, August 14, 2010


soul pancake

i am super psyched to say that i have a piece featured in the soulpancake book coming out in november! if you aren't familiar with soulpancake then i highly recommend checking it out.

SoulPancake is more of a mission than a Web site. It's a MOVEMENT to wrestle with and chew on LIFE'S BIG QUESTIONS. It's a way to EXPLORE why we believe the things that we believe. It's a place for you to TALK about your soul and the existence of God. It's a space to ENGAGE in art, philosophy, creativity, truth, and beauty. And ultimately, SoulPancake is a community of people who are digging DEEPER to figure out what it means to be human and to experience this rich, strange, difficult, and awesome journey called life.

i first visited the site because i will visit anything connected with rainn wilson. seeing the set of the office ranks right up there with seeing... i want to say the eiffel tower, i'll say it. the eiffel tower. but then i got hooked. the lists are particularly enchanting to me so when i saw this topic last week combining lists and nostalgia i had to pause my day and read everything. so in the spirit of the soulpancake...

1) walking barefoot through my parents' huge garden when i was little little and feeling the scratchy vegetable leaves and the smell of hot summer dirt and the deep buzz of huge june beetles all around.

2) staying up with my grandfather way past my bedtime, bowls of cheerios at midnight while watching mr. ed and my three sons on nick-at-night.

3) sitting on porch steps having nothing at all to do. not ignoring things you have to do or having nothing that you want to do. but honestly having nothing at all to do. the best ideas come from that space.


  1. Very exciting! Congrats! Now off to look at the website...

  2. thanks janelle! the website is super fun. you might get hooked too!