Thursday, August 12, 2010

the kids are officially back in school and i am officially back to work with a mile-long to do list. i've managed to coat three fingers in orange ink, mildly cut my right thumb and rub a blister on the other with the hand sander. it feels great, i must say.


but that's just my own personal list of accomplishments. the zombie hunter, who manages to work her way into every picture we take it seems, has knocked over a water glass onto the desk and my (new)phone and broken a candle cup. all this and still managed to fit in a 5 hour nap. so we're back to work as if we never left.


  1. what an adorable zombie hunter you have! congrats on the cut thumb, blister, and inked fingers - all the wonders of a creative life. : )

  2. so good to hear you are getting into your work ~ with a little help of course! cats are so naughty {always in a good way!}. love the way he spreads out on your desk :)

  3. This looks just like my desk- but today the cat is black. Yesterday there was a beige one. Scanner doesn't work very well- maybe because there's usually a cat sleeping on it. The painting I'm working on always has a few cat hairs in it.