Tuesday, July 27, 2010

random smattering

i am the absolute worst at taking pictures on any outing or vacation. i always take my camera with me but very rarely take pictures. it's not that i consciously don't want to fool with it. i just honestly don't think of it but two or three times. so these are those two or three times. random smatterings of a fun and too short trip.

train bridge over the ocoee

we had such a renewed crush on tennessee after driving through the mountains on the road winding alongside the ocoee river.

a gold-painted plaster mask made from a mold of christopher walken's face. it was purchased off of ebay in its early days and is my favorite thing in natalie and kelly's house except for natalie and kelly.

we passed this walking to the varsity in downtown chapel hill where we waited out the hottest part of the afternoon watching rear window.

i really wanted to bring him home. as well as the deep sea diver's helmet you can see peeking in the lower left.

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