Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy 4th!

we're having a double celebration in chattanooga. jack's birthday was yesterday so it's birthday cake AND fireworks! and cook-outs and bike rides and new legos and water balloons and all the other stuff that makes up weekend perfection.

we also spent the better part of yesterday quoting a cold freezin' night, a new song off the books album "the way out". you can see the video here and read about their process on their tumblr which i think is so great on this song especially.

"Among these tapes were at least a half a dozen talkboy tapes. And, as you may know first hand, when a kid gets his first tape recorder all inhibitions disappear. These tapes are full of outrageous moments that no fully conscious adult could ever duplicate.

The primary tape that you hear in ‘a cold freezin’ night’ is a game of one-upsmanship between a brother and a sister (I think). Their conversation escalates until the younger sister has no choice but to drop the A-bomb. It’s very musical how it unfolds, so it was not a stretch to turn it into a pseudo-techno-dance mix."

ah ow ah ow!

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  1. I heard that song yesterday...and I immediately thought it was a perfect audio representation of much of your art.

    happy birthday to jack, he seems a real sweetie. :)