Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fey handmade

i am completely excited to now offer prints through fey handmade! since it's way too hot to exist outside this afternoon i spent some time window shopping for some cool summer colors and have a few favorites to share...

1 janelle lile - break
2 pigeon toe ceramics - test tube vase
3 saipua - red currant soap
4 leah duncan - hills tea towel


  1. Very cool! I think any website, gallery, or marketplace is very lucky to have you :) Leah's stuff is fabulous, isn't it? And thanks for mentioning me ;)

  2. welcome to fey handmade! these colors go so beautifully together! a lot of my favorite people included here. : ) thanks for including me as well.

  3. i feel so lucky to be there with you guys! it's a beautiful shop.