Sunday, June 6, 2010

i'm taking a break from any major studio work for the next few weeks. we're in the process of buying a new house, and eventually selling the one we own now, and it's amazing how much time it takes. not to mention the anxiety. it seems like in order to be successful a million little things have to line up over the course of a month. it's worse than making panda babies. i'm trying not to get too excited but i might have already picked out porch fingers crossed!

i hope to take advantage of the shorter-than-normal attention span and limited time and finish a few tiny little projects. i started a category in my etsy shop called "originals for everyone" (lame title for now but i'm working on another) where i will hopefully always have a few smaller originals under $50 and offer free shipping. i know a lot of people, including me, would rather have the original than the print but bank accounts and desires rarely match up. so watch out for some new things there.

tom moglu makes wonderful wonderful drawings.


  1. wow! super excited for you!

  2. can understand the anxiety involved with all this {not that i've ever done it myself}! hope if all falls into place for you :)

  3. Oh--i can relate!! We sold our house in Mobile, Alabama to move to Kansas 2 years ago this July. It was an experience for sure so I'm sending you many good wishes that everything goes smoothly. Love the image. Is it of a wall in your studio?