Wednesday, June 30, 2010

has her world outside it

science fair
science fair - 6" x 9"

this is one of the "storybooks" i am working on right now. i have built up a stack of gutless covers from smaller books and was going to separate them into two pieces but i think i like the little story that the two sides make.

today is my 30th birthday! i can only assume in leaving my 20s behind that i am instantly wiser and can stay upright in heels. i'm starting the day with a completely irresponsible amount of milky coffee and my very favorite birthday song.


  1. happy birthday Hollie! can't believe you are so clever/amazing + gorgeous and only 30! have a fun day :)
    love the piece on the right.

    sorry bout the bad spelling 8)

  2. aw, thank you so much belinda. ^_^

  3. "she's painting huge books...and he glues them together..."

  4. Happy belated 30th birthday! Hope it was a beautiful day for you. I love the storybook--it has a definite narrative quality. Very lovely!