Wednesday, June 30, 2010

has her world outside it

science fair
science fair - 6" x 9"

this is one of the "storybooks" i am working on right now. i have built up a stack of gutless covers from smaller books and was going to separate them into two pieces but i think i like the little story that the two sides make.

today is my 30th birthday! i can only assume in leaving my 20s behind that i am instantly wiser and can stay upright in heels. i'm starting the day with a completely irresponsible amount of milky coffee and my very favorite birthday song.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

slice magazine

slice magazine

slice magazine

slice magazine

a little bit ago i received a publication request from slice magazine and the issue finally arrived in the mail! i had a chance to read through it this morning at the park and it's great.

ISSUE 6: Metropolis - A metropolis is the mother city according to its etymological roots. It's the ultimate point of convergence, the type of place that draws people in like a magnet. Brooklyn defies the typical image of a metropolis. There are rows of quaint brownstones rather than looming skyscrapers. Neighborhoods sprawl to Brooklyn's outskirts rather than fall into neat borders of perpendicular streets. And if you consider Brooklyn within the scope of literature, you'll find that it's emerging into a metropolis that is filled with possibility.

i'm considering a subscription for sure. thanks amanda!

Monday, June 28, 2010

my studio beastie that watches over me.

june workspace
i always forget how hard it is to be away from the studio for a week then try and dive right back in. when my creativity goes to shit i pull things out until there is chaos and too much to see and add coffee and a loud stereo as a jump-start. it works 9 out of 10 times.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

i have been craving my great gran's zucchini bread since the beginning of summer and finally went digging for the recipe. there is a box of scraps like this that were in a drawer in her kitchen when i was growing up and 90% of my great food memories as a kid involve her kitchen. i'm attempting the zucchini bread recipe tomorrow for the first time and i really hope it turns out ok. i've already made the fresh strawberry cream cheese to go with. yuuuuuum. also after a week of moderate to extreme home improvement projects i'm excited to get back to the studio so there is a day full of making things ahead.

i hope everyone had a great weekend! we spent it painting walls and replacing plumbing to music that we both can agree will always be great.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a few things i picked up over the weekend. i hope all the fathers had a great one.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

i'm taking a break from any major studio work for the next few weeks. we're in the process of buying a new house, and eventually selling the one we own now, and it's amazing how much time it takes. not to mention the anxiety. it seems like in order to be successful a million little things have to line up over the course of a month. it's worse than making panda babies. i'm trying not to get too excited but i might have already picked out porch fingers crossed!

i hope to take advantage of the shorter-than-normal attention span and limited time and finish a few tiny little projects. i started a category in my etsy shop called "originals for everyone" (lame title for now but i'm working on another) where i will hopefully always have a few smaller originals under $50 and offer free shipping. i know a lot of people, including me, would rather have the original than the print but bank accounts and desires rarely match up. so watch out for some new things there.

tom moglu makes wonderful wonderful drawings.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'the way out'

the books new album the way out is available for preorder today! books fans have been waiting for so long and i admit i got goosebumps as i added the double LP to the online cart. you can do that here.