Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer break

we're excited, can you tell? there is a really great park nearby with a picnic area complete with a shady, aqua-blue, concrete stage that reminds me of an abandoned pool you might find outside a roller skating rink. it's apparently perfect for feigning shakespearean tragedies, the robot, half-assed cartwheels, giggling and singing and resting and dancing.


  1. ooops ^^^ sorry about that messed up post.

    it said this:

    hmmmm... i wonder where they get THAT from?


    also, bob pollard.

    shhh. i know.

  2. awww. i miss "fried green tomatoes" stage. next time you visit i'll take you and you can practice your high kicks!

  3. so adorable, these are great photos! love the color of the stage and wall and how blank it makes the canvas so the performers really pop off of the photo. : )

  4. oh they are so cool! i'd go crazy with an aqua wall nearby too :)