Thursday, May 13, 2010

LIFE mags

i'm in love with these. right before i taught that huge collage workshop earlier in the year i went to an antique shop near me and in a panic. thinking i didn't have enough material to take, i bought an entire stack of LIFE magazines from the late 60s and early 70s. they have proven to be amazing. i'm scanning some of my favorite images that i've found so i can share.

i have recently been made aware of instrumenti. i'm all for panda head ware and fun but even for me it seemed a little gimmicky at first. but it's a nico muhly recommendation (and he knows his shit) so i pushed through it and i'm so glad i did! the music is beautiful.


  1. i wish you offered your collage workshops in oregon. . . just saying (:

    do you scan your images and print them to use on collage to keep the original in tact? or do you usually just use your original image?

    i've just ran into a load of old photos and i can't bear myself to cut them up but some of them would be perfect for collages. thoughts?

  2. I love vintage magazines and books...I tell myself that I need them to use as source material in my work but sometimes they're just too amusing to pass up! And I suppose it's possible I'll actually use them, someday.

  3. cara - i wish i offered a workshop in oregon too! i love it up there. i always use the original clipped images in my work with the exception of the adalyn series.

    i scanned and printed her because i wanted her to blend more with the background paper. that's actually my suggestion for your photos if you want to work with them without cutting! scan them in and print them back out onto some older or found paper until you get the color and effect you are looking for.

    janelle - just keep collecting! that's half the fun even if you never use them at all. ^_^

  4. thanks hollie! your work is AMAZING.