Saturday, May 8, 2010


i tagged along on a field trip to nashville on thursday and visited the home of andrew jackson, the hermitage. the last time i visited was my own field trip in the 6th grade. at 11 i don't remember being mesmerized by the original block-printed wall paper shipped from paris in the early 1800s. or stopped in my tracks at the door of this room...


the colors drove me crazy and i had to come back and find them in my stacks around the studio space. it makes me want to repaint my kitchen. or at least pin them to the wall for a future project.

the new woods album, at echo lake, is finally out and addictive and perfect for this between-season limbo that is may in the south.


  1. That room is startling! Not what I would expect from a historic home.

  2. Red on blue, one of the most magical color combinations to me.

    and then that floor!