Sunday, May 23, 2010

the hi-de-ho man

say jack be solid and better, be a real groovy fella
and your gonna be just about as sharp as me
yes sirree, yes sirree
oh the hi-de-ho man thats me

jack spotted him in the park yesterday.


  1. love it! specially how the right eye looks off into the distance!
    i see faces in everything too ~ saw a face and a dog in the broken tiles and grout on the wall of the pool this morning!!

  2. That was funny! Jack's a good spotter.

  3. he -is- a good spotter!

    belinda - i see faces in everything too! there is a perfect goblin in the wood of our back deck and i've been meaning to start collecting some "faces in wood" etc pictures.

  4. I can just see that tree swaying back and forth in that jerky, flickering dance. too much.