Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this morning...

when i'm online looking around, checking blogs and email, i tend to build this crazy excessive number of tabs in my browser. i'm reading through and i come to a link i want to check out but i'm not quite done with the page i'm on so i open it in a new tab. over and over. if i then get pulled away then i come back to a browser window with 14 (or more, yikes) random tabs. sometimes i can't quite let go when i come back but don't have time to look so i'll actually minimize that weighty window and open a new one. it's virtual hoarding and it may be a problem. if i share, though, it makes it more of a project! ... hmm, is this just a way to validate a bad habit? i can deal with that later.

high noon, katy horan

pictures of eyjafjallajokull. oh iceland, even when you're bringing half of the modern world to its knees you are still enchanting eye candy. it looks like an animal.

we recently acquired a great old drafting table that i am using for the time being as my computer desk. it's beautiful and now we're looking around for the perfect industrial stool/chair that isn't going to cost us our first born. i found these while browsing factory 20. music department chairs!

buke and gass are keeping me moving in positive directions today.

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