Friday, April 2, 2010

moving things around

the annex
10" x 10" collage on wooden panel

this is the piece going up to the "99 red balloons" group show at the canteen gallery in ontario in may. when i ordered panels a few months ago i accidentally ordered a few of the sizes with a really deep cradle. i was never completely opposed to these panels. i never looked at a deep paneled piece on the wall and thought "EW!" but i always thought they were a little dramatic especially the smaller dimensions. when you have a 6 inch square panel with a 2 inch cradle it's like having a box stuck to the wall. but these are yesterday's opinions! this is a larger panel, i'm still not sure how i feel about smaller sizes, but i'm really digging this right now.

some general news...while i update and spring-clean-up my website i have forwarding here and if you are trying to contact me please use i'll try to have everything back up as soon as possible but i have a list and it's sooo nice outside. maybe i can drag the laptop out to the porch tomorrow.

also one of my favorite chicks has started a blog to share her work with us. she's planning a june opening for her etsy shop and you can watch the progress and follow her general awesomeness here. yay finch!


  1. Oh wow Hollie, I love it! I've been obsessed with doing watercolours and over-drawing with black pen this weekend. Love how you've incorporated this into a collage :) Kx

  2. this is beautiful ~ i love the black hands and almost white body.
    yay for getting your piece in for this show {i had thoughts, but sadly just thoughts!}