Monday, April 26, 2010

meeting over jonathan
meeting over jonathan
10" x 10" collage on panel

this is a piece that was completed back in december and i realized recently that it had never been scanned. the fact that it was still in the scanner was probably the only thing that saved it from the mini flood that crept under the laundry room wall and into my work space yesterday morning. a hose became disconnected from the back of the washer so it gushed its contents all up in my nook. i'm going to be dramatic and say that it seemed like a full bathtub's amount but i'm sure it wasn't. it was one of those moments that you walk into and have to stop and stare and think "holy shit' for a second as your mind readjusts to panic mode. but an hour and every-towel-in-the-house later the damage was very minimal and the floor was a lot cleaner.

chocolate mint

yesterday afternoon we went to the first weekend of the year of the chattanooga market. a jar of local honey, fresh goat cheese and two small chocolate mint plants from the herb booth soothed the nerves. that and fantastic burritos and beer eaten in the sunny windy weather.

swaptorium has an excellent collection of vintage mask photos.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this morning...

when i'm online looking around, checking blogs and email, i tend to build this crazy excessive number of tabs in my browser. i'm reading through and i come to a link i want to check out but i'm not quite done with the page i'm on so i open it in a new tab. over and over. if i then get pulled away then i come back to a browser window with 14 (or more, yikes) random tabs. sometimes i can't quite let go when i come back but don't have time to look so i'll actually minimize that weighty window and open a new one. it's virtual hoarding and it may be a problem. if i share, though, it makes it more of a project! ... hmm, is this just a way to validate a bad habit? i can deal with that later.

high noon, katy horan

pictures of eyjafjallajokull. oh iceland, even when you're bringing half of the modern world to its knees you are still enchanting eye candy. it looks like an animal.

we recently acquired a great old drafting table that i am using for the time being as my computer desk. it's beautiful and now we're looking around for the perfect industrial stool/chair that isn't going to cost us our first born. i found these while browsing factory 20. music department chairs!

buke and gass are keeping me moving in positive directions today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

new work

burn a paper moon to ash
8" x 8" collage on panel

6" x 6" collage on panel

community chorus
8" x 8" collage on panel

6" x 6" collage on panel

a few new original pieces that i dropped off at leo gallery's new location this afternoon! stop by and see them in person and check out their super sweet new space.

glad to get off of this galloping goose

a few weeks ago i bought a box of postcards for a few bucks. i'm usually more interested in the written side than the picture side.

two nice things to listen to...the solarbeat and beach fossils.

Friday, April 9, 2010

i left my desk for a few minutes and came back to find a little gift laying in the paint i have been working with the last few days. the colors are perfectly matched. a complete coincidence that made my heart flutter.

Friday, April 2, 2010

moving things around

the annex
10" x 10" collage on wooden panel

this is the piece going up to the "99 red balloons" group show at the canteen gallery in ontario in may. when i ordered panels a few months ago i accidentally ordered a few of the sizes with a really deep cradle. i was never completely opposed to these panels. i never looked at a deep paneled piece on the wall and thought "EW!" but i always thought they were a little dramatic especially the smaller dimensions. when you have a 6 inch square panel with a 2 inch cradle it's like having a box stuck to the wall. but these are yesterday's opinions! this is a larger panel, i'm still not sure how i feel about smaller sizes, but i'm really digging this right now.

some general news...while i update and spring-clean-up my website i have forwarding here and if you are trying to contact me please use i'll try to have everything back up as soon as possible but i have a list and it's sooo nice outside. maybe i can drag the laptop out to the porch tomorrow.

also one of my favorite chicks has started a blog to share her work with us. she's planning a june opening for her etsy shop and you can watch the progress and follow her general awesomeness here. yay finch!