Monday, March 22, 2010

this week is sandwiched between live music. we trekked to atlanta saturday night to see deerhunter (awesome as always) then this coming saturday it's up to knoxville for the big ears festival for the 802 tour. i cannot tell you how excited i am to see that show. it's almost all i can think about this week. the only tune featuring sam amidon off of nico muhly's album mothertongue has been with me constantly since i first heard it a few years ago and just the chance that i might see it live is enough to distract my thoughts for the entire week.

i'm working on 4 or 5 small projects right now and my usual method of skipping from one to the next at random and having everything going on at once isn't working for me. i feel scattered and unfocused. or maybe that's just this late winter slump. i'm interested to hear how other artists' studio day goes down because i might start working on a daily schedule (discipline!) with self-set start and end dates for each project. it seems like an obvious way to work but i've never practiced it. i need to reign in the spacey wanderer that is my creative process. just a bit.

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  1. i struggle in my studio days so much. i've also got a few different projects going on at once and since i work for myself theres no real structure. do i stitch now? answer emails? eat? package orders? i've been thinking the same thing - discipline, vito acconci style. plan my days a stick to it. fail. everyday. love to hear what you come up with! and it's somehow reassuring to hear your struggle...