Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i recently sent a file to brooklyn for a self-print job and was lucky enough to get a picture back of the finished and framed piece. my first thought was "wow, that turned out great." the second was "oh my god, i want their couch!" thanks neely!

i have managed to put over 1000 miles on my little car in the last 8 days. it's been busy but great times. i held a collage workshop for over 70 ladies in birmingham (thanks guys it was fun), picked up a friend in atlanta this past weekend and brought her back to the best pool hall in chattanooga (maybe in tennessee) and relaxed a little. now i find myself at a point where a to-do list is necessary. the big dates and events are passed for now and i have a few group shows coming up and some ideas to put to paper. studio time again! yay!

thanks everyone for the mentions this past week. i am finding some excellent and beautiful blogs.

the jealous curator
katie eats cake
tart paperie


  1. Your print does look divine in that apartment! Sounds like you've been busy. Hope you get to have a great weekend rest :) K

  2. i had the exact same thought! except i'll take the throw pillow, coffee table, and flowers too. your work looks absolutely fantastic!

  3. your work looks amazing that size {+ in this setting!} ~ wondering how it was done?
    time to put your feet up? not if you can chose studio time!

  4. thanks guys! i truly LOVE their apartment!

    belinda, i resized the print here and they had it printed somewhere local. i was lucky enough to have scanned the original at 600 dpi and it did great!