Monday, February 1, 2010

"and now you're back here at Monday,

so we can do it all over again."

i was just reading back over my optimistic plans from yesterday. the school called last night and thanks to icy roads in the surrounding mountains then the kids are home again today. yay! great for them and great for the percentage of me that loves to procrastinate!

so since i don't have a "look at all the progress i made!" post i'll share a few wonderful things i've found here locally over the last few months.

i'm in the mood for pulp so i'm going to turn it up loud enough to drown out the wii and be productive. b.e. productive.

Stomach in,
chest out,
on your marks,
get set, go.


  1. Good shopping! That "Animals" book looks intriguing and a tiny bit creepy... And a little procrastinating is good :)


  2. thanks! it -is- a little bit creepy. especially the bright orange armageddonesque sky.

  3. Those books look amazing! So many lovely treats to amuse yourself with during your lock-in :) K

  4. I've been in the mood for pulp lately too.. been listening to his n' hers for a week in the car.

    I love your found items and the new artwork is inspired! Hope I get to see you soon.