Sunday, January 31, 2010

this has kept me busy today. first cutting them all out and then the whole other task of keeping them in one place and not letting them blow all over the floor any time a dog/cat/child runs by. i have several things in mind for them. plans and plans. tomorrow morning with the house mostly to myself again i'll be able to sit and piece together and decide. i'm crazy excited over the colors.

the etas has everything up online now! browsing through has reminded me how much i absolutely adore matt adrian's titles. one of my favorites, Listen, If We Could Be Serious For A Moment, I Think I Have Been Shot.


  1. the colours are gorgeous. wondering what you will do with them.
    it's good to have something fun lined up for the alone time!

  2. I totally LoVe this composition Hollie! Just had a peek at etas - looks fab. K

  3. i seriously think we would enjoy each others old book piles...

    i like the colors too!