Monday, January 4, 2010

new year, new workspace

i always feel this need for things to look different with a new year. i rarely make resolutions, because i know i won't keep them after the novelty of having made them wears off, but i do tidy up. rearrange. take everything off the walls and move it around. the wall right above my work space is one of these walls this week. (notice all the mess below on the shelves. you'd think that would be the first priority but it's not a fun thing to do. not as fun as rearranging the stuff on the walls. not only recognizing my messy faults but doing something about them would be a good new year's resolution...if i made those. anyway.) so far it's practically empty except for two things. one being the atherton lin 2010 calendar that i just put up. ok, maybe i just put it up in this spot but it's been on the wall above my mac since october, waiting for january. i couldn't help myself. it's absolutely perfect and i wanted to begin staring at it a few months early. you can grab one for yourself in their etsy shop.

another new addition is the smiths print i picked up at leo gallery a few weeks ago from local group young monster. they're doing some great stuff...

i'm semi-procrastinating and i have a list to get through before the end of the day. list-making and follow-through would also be a good new year's resolution if i believed in those things.


  1. happy new year :) the rearranging is a great idea. off to have a look at the calendar!

  2. I *love* that smiths print. good lord.