Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a little surprise in the spine of an english book of tax tables and calculations. neither of the texts have anything to do with the book itself. it's rare to find anything but a crumbling old bit of cardboard as a spine liner but when you do it's so much more fun. just a little "oh! i've found something!" thrill. especially when you let your mind drift a little as you go back to trimming prints..."if you are reading this then you have found the message we left for you over one hundred years ago in the spine of a book that you might never possess in a language that you cannot read..."


  1. It says, from what I can tell..

    No, I have a filberne clock.
    Yes, my clock does not follow 5 minutes..

  2. you're fantastic. all i could make out was "clock" and "no" and what i assumed was "minutes" based on the mention of the clock.

  3. That's rather astounding. :D (both the spine surprise, and the fact that Finch can decipher it.)

  4. i'm pretty sure finch has some secret international training of some sort that she isn't telling us about. she always knows the most interesting and random things.