Thursday, January 7, 2010

a little piece already packaged and on her way to her new home this morning.

we are supposed to have snow at some point today. i know that most parts of the world, especially here in the northern u.s. this week, are sick to death of the sight of it but we never ever see it so you guys are just going to have to deal with my tireless enthusiasm. i promise not to post a million "things covered in snow" pictures. ...maybe one and i'll make sure it's especially interesting. i'm going to get my errands taken care of first thing this morning and come back, put on some nico muhly with something warm (cinnamon+chocolate+caffeine mmmmm) in a cup and watch the clouds come in.


  1. I think I must have annoyed the hell out of everyone in europe with my 'i need to touch that clump of snow' routine repeated every 15 minutes while we were outside.

    they are even predicting snow for florida, maybe?! but I've had my fill. :)

  2. Beautiful piece!

    I will never tire of wonderful snow photos. I'm one of those snow enthusiasts too!