Monday, November 23, 2009

i now have prints available at the wonderful canteen art shop and gallery in ottawa!

it's a really beautiful space and i feel honored to be there.

perusing their site over the weekend i stumbled across the work of sebastian millar. there is a small interview here. his work is so striking and wonderful to me and i was a more than a little disappointed to see that the barn owl has already been snatched up by some lucky person.

barn owl
sebastian millar

sebastian millar

as i work through these last few weeks before my show opening on december 4th i have animal collective's new ep fall be kind practically on repeat on the computer, the ipod, in the car (where you can make the most of the excellent bass in graze). i can't recommend it enough.


  1. YAY! international!!

    tsk. you said graze.

  2. i know but it was my semi-official endorsement so i had to be...semi-official. it felt strange.