Thursday, November 26, 2009

holiday sale!!

there was some talk around the thanksgiving table as to what sales people will be attending tomorrow and what god-awful time they will be waking up in the morning to do so. (i'm a morning person and early riser but not when rising is immediately followed by lots of cold and lots of people.) but it did put me in the spirit, i must admit. so i'm having a sale in my shop over the weekend. two different ones, in fact. from now until tomorrow i will be offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on prints until midnight on the 27th. just enter the print you would like, of equal or lesser value, in the message section of your order. then starting saturday morning and the remainder of the weekend through the end of cyber monday there will be a free shipping sale!

i've also added a few new prints for the occasion so go have a look!

i hope all of my u.s. friends had a great holiday.


  1. Good luck with your sale! And happy T-day to you, too :)


  2. Hi Hollie - I am just loving looking through your blog! Belinda from Gretchenmist has clued me in on your identity... Thank you so much for the amazing artwork in the art exchange! I was just speechless, it's so beautiful :) I've sent you a note via snail-mail but just wanted to say hi and thanks here too. I'll be back :) K

  3. thanks kylie! i'm so glad you like it. ^_^