Wednesday, October 7, 2009

shut away

i'm in serious work mode making an absolute mess of my space with several projects at once. not even i entirely know what's happening here. a lot. everything comes together in the end but sometimes when i'm working on several pieces at once on the same surface i just stop and think...what the hell is going on? another side effect of the mess, i've lost a pair of feet. they'll turn up eventually just like the missing hands did last week. one little breeze and it's an anatomy free-for-all.

a few things that have caught my eye this week...

this is edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros performing their song home in an in-store gig in august. this song was on a summer mix that i mentioned a few weeks back and has completely won me over. you can't help but smile.

i stumbled upon and read alexander pushkin's the dead princess and seven knights over the weekend - a story based on the grimms' snow white with a more deliciously dramatic title. it was exactly that hint of darkness that reminded me of one of my favorite sets of illustrations. i found them through a blog that has become a weekly addiction, a journey round my skull. the book is tales of mystery and imagination by e.a. poe, illustrated by the always wonderful harry clarke.

you can see the full set here.


  1. as your assistant, it is my job to find the feet. it's stated in the hireling handbook section 11 verse 11;

    feet finder are you -
    you shall find all the feet that
    can not find themselves.

    *points* see - right there. i'll be right over.

  2. please tell me the hireling handbook entirely in haiku.

    sweet. on your way can you pick up a blade sharpener and ice cream? you can pick the flavor this time as long as it's something we can dance to.

  3. awwww CRYYYYY!!!!!

    i want travelodge ice cream. :(

    go get in the bathroom and i'll pass a spoonful to you under the door.