Wednesday, September 30, 2009

kings among runaways


we choose the in-between

i'm enjoying these guys so much. as soon as they are cut from their page they seem to take on a little personality of their own. a nice little set of runaways.

it's finally feeling like fall here. a little. this is the first week where you can step outside without sweating and perfect for hoodies in the morning. i have the decemberists on my ipod at the desk which i seem to always crave along with darjeeling tea when that first timid push of cooler air comes in and zaps the humidity. eric was home last week on staycation and we lived like a retired florida couple. swimming, morning movies on the couch, a lot of good food and jack and cokes in the afternoon. a perfect last week of summer.


  1. Ah these are so fantastic! You do great work, very glad to have found you via Janine's (wips) flickr pool. :~)

  2. I agree, they do have a lot of personality. I really like how ambiguous they are too - I find myself trying to guess what's going on in the image but I'm never sure.