Wednesday, September 30, 2009

kings among runaways


we choose the in-between

i'm enjoying these guys so much. as soon as they are cut from their page they seem to take on a little personality of their own. a nice little set of runaways.

it's finally feeling like fall here. a little. this is the first week where you can step outside without sweating and perfect for hoodies in the morning. i have the decemberists on my ipod at the desk which i seem to always crave along with darjeeling tea when that first timid push of cooler air comes in and zaps the humidity. eric was home last week on staycation and we lived like a retired florida couple. swimming, morning movies on the couch, a lot of good food and jack and cokes in the afternoon. a perfect last week of summer.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a quick post...

because i am too exhausted to do much else. it has been raining all week. serious rain. the kind that soaks your jeans to the knees the instant you leave the house.

this was empty when accidentally left on the porch after a craft project yesterday morning. it isn't entirely accurate because it was partly under the run-off from the awning but still! the inch of water in the bottom of my forgotten wellies was totally legite, though.

the dark weather on top of not much sleep last night led to a day of cutting color appropriate snippets on the couch under a heavy blanket with tea and the wicker man.

jónsi and alex have a coloring competition on their website. so so sweet and fun. and if you haven't checked their artwork, also/previously under the name riceboy sleeps, then go! go now!

Monday, September 14, 2009


i'm seeing these dots in my sleep. not wanting them to be perfect circles or the same size i hand-cut them all with scissors. dull scissors, to be exact, because i can't remember to pick up a new pair. circle cutting is the kind of project where you put your head down and work work work and look up some time later and the progress is hideously disappointing. but i think it was worth it. i really like them.

this is the first piece made from the amazing pages i picked up from etsy a few weeks ago. i was so excited to get them i checked the mail sometimes twice a day. you never know. they might decide to deliver mail twice on wednesdays especially to make that crazy girl stop waiting at the box each morning. they finally came saturday and i am more than pleased with them. here are a few examples...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

saturday morning entertainment

a pen dug from the bottom of a too-large bag at breakfast is all it takes sometimes to keep the impatient and restless entertained. it almost makes up for the other times when a three ring circus made of candy on the moon isn't enough.

but i'm one to talk. this is an embellished sketch made in the car while i was having to wait for twenty minutes on friday.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

my creative space

i feel like i've been making paper leaves for weeks! i finished up this piece and have leaves left for a few smaller ideas i have in mind. first i have another plan for this. creative multi-tasking. so for today my creative space is digital. i can wash the glue and ink from my hands for a few hours. still working on the music-related project, i am putting together an album cover.

i'm working out the fonts and text placement (the above is only for vague markers) which usually pitches me into a perfectionist's fit. it's funny because working with text only is fine. it's just the act of finding the perfect way to express an idea with words along with a piece of art that makes me a lunatic.

for some thursday listening, the mondo boys have put together a late-summer-push mix.

“WEIRD SUMMER” was created exclusively to get you through those last few incredibly sticky days of the hottest god damn summer you can remember. Fuel for the fire. Grab that boom box, hit the beach, and turn up the volume. Best served before 9.21.2009. Mucho take it easy." - MB

i love making mix tapes but am so terrible at sequencing from one track to the next. i tend to give up and just throw songs i want on there at random. the flow of this is inspiring.