Monday, August 31, 2009

work in progress...

this is something i have been picking at for almost two weeks. now that we have comfortably settled into the school schedule i'm hoping to finish it up in the next few days. that white will be removed as it's only a circle placeholder. as for the boy...he obviously has an issue but i don't know what it is. he's cut from an 1894 medical handbook written in german. there are so many illustrations of wicked looking problems that are mysteries. i might have to look them up when i get a free moment.

i have a complete crush on this book. i posted an illustration from it a few months ago and this is another that was trimmed out last night.


  1. you can't beat a good medical illustration! :))

  2. Yikes...poor kid. Maybe it would be better not to know. The leaves are brilliant!