Monday, August 10, 2009

natural disasters and good music

i have never spent any time in kentucky until last week. i'm sure i've driven through it, definitely flown over it, but never taken any of it in - never had a kentucky experience. so when Kelly and I saw that the no deachunter round robin tour was stopping in newport we took the opportunity to visit a bit. it was pretty awesome. there was an unexpected hiccup being that our perfect cabin-in-the-woods on the red river was located in a "dry county" and we failed to bring any beer or wine with us. when traveling to kentucky bring your own camping booze! there, are in fact, not natural bourbon springs and the liquor laws are confusing and horrible. and visit the red river gorge. it's breathtaking.

the one lane rock tunnel we had to pass through to get to the cabin. it was long and led to many scary, after-dark thoughts later on. most of these pictures are stolen from kells.

then on to louisville and the morning of the torrential storms that put downtown under water. we watched a wide drainage ditch behind our hotel completely fill with water and overflow.

that dropped something like 7 inches of rain in an hour. we were able to make it out just before they closed the interstate and drove to newport where the show was one of the best i've ever seen. honest! the dance tunnel still makes me feel all loved-up thinking of it. i'm horrible at reviews so here's a great one.


  1. no bourbon springs, AND we heard plenty but never found any frogs to lick. :(

    it was a better than perfect time. i love ya, holls.

  2. ps: it appears my pillow, on anticipating my arrival no doubt, had a boner.