Tuesday, August 25, 2009


every junk shop or antique store has a cardboard box somewhere filled with old pictures with a handwritten sign taped to the front reading "25 cents" or "5 for a dollar." i always have to dig through. always. it gets to the point where most look the same; people with cars, women with children, men in uniforms. i have a box here of the pictures that i couldn't leave behind and when i was looking through them last night, searching for the perfect one for a project i'm working on, i noticed a pattern.

i have so so many, probably half, of this guy. tall, sort-of lanky, standing on a porch or in a field or a road doing seemingly nothing. and there is always a small issue with each one like a double exposure or blown out lighting. i love the guy in the top left that i picked up in nashville on the way back from kentucky a few weeks ago. what is he even doing? it's such a curious shot. it's the perfect, awkward, we-just-got-a-camera-let's-see-if-it-works image. "stand over there by the bushes, frank, and stop fidgeting."

i have a set that is my absolute favorite. i'm going to frame them. they were found in one of those plastic, spiral bound albums that you can get your photos arranged in when you have film developed. (remember that?) over half of them were all white or all black but it was totally worth it just for a few.

who has two thumbs and is the happiest guy in the desert?

perfection, right?

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  1. Wow. What treasures! Isn't it fun to think about these random people and their lives...