Monday, August 31, 2009

work in progress...

this is something i have been picking at for almost two weeks. now that we have comfortably settled into the school schedule i'm hoping to finish it up in the next few days. that white will be removed as it's only a circle placeholder. as for the boy...he obviously has an issue but i don't know what it is. he's cut from an 1894 medical handbook written in german. there are so many illustrations of wicked looking problems that are mysteries. i might have to look them up when i get a free moment.

i have a complete crush on this book. i posted an illustration from it a few months ago and this is another that was trimmed out last night.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

blind man's colour

i'm in the process of making a few demo pieces for a band art project starting up mid-september. at the moment i can't stop listening to blind man's colour so i was very excited to do this.

their album came out on kanine records on the 18th. you can get it here.


every junk shop or antique store has a cardboard box somewhere filled with old pictures with a handwritten sign taped to the front reading "25 cents" or "5 for a dollar." i always have to dig through. always. it gets to the point where most look the same; people with cars, women with children, men in uniforms. i have a box here of the pictures that i couldn't leave behind and when i was looking through them last night, searching for the perfect one for a project i'm working on, i noticed a pattern.

i have so so many, probably half, of this guy. tall, sort-of lanky, standing on a porch or in a field or a road doing seemingly nothing. and there is always a small issue with each one like a double exposure or blown out lighting. i love the guy in the top left that i picked up in nashville on the way back from kentucky a few weeks ago. what is he even doing? it's such a curious shot. it's the perfect, awkward, we-just-got-a-camera-let's-see-if-it-works image. "stand over there by the bushes, frank, and stop fidgeting."

i have a set that is my absolute favorite. i'm going to frame them. they were found in one of those plastic, spiral bound albums that you can get your photos arranged in when you have film developed. (remember that?) over half of them were all white or all black but it was totally worth it just for a few.

who has two thumbs and is the happiest guy in the desert?

perfection, right?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

work in progress...

i've had this green covered panel, the cover taken from a falling apart geography book, on a shelf for possibly months. it's one of those that i made and set aside for the next day that became the next then i just couldn't possibly think of anything i wanted to do with it so there it sat. it was tempting me this morning with its angry-student-pencil-stab marks in the corners.

above my desk today are my left-over saturday morning flowers in my favorite mug. so favorite that i don't use it daily and have horrible visions of dropping it. i picked it up in an antique shop across from the whistle stop cafe, an unexpected find on a great trip a few years ago.

various boots of this have been on constant play over the past year but it finally seems there is an official recording. i know i'm going on and on about bradford cox lately but he deserves it. atlas sound's quick canal. 8 minutes and 38 seconds of bliss.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

my creative space

i haven't had a chance to participate in my creative space for the last few weeks but the space is still here. just a little slow on the productivity this week. with the kids back in school it's going to take me a little bit to work my schedule and daily routine back into a place where things actually get accomplished.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

feed me banks of light

a few new small pieces (3.5" x 3.5") that were shipped off to the Naked Gallery this week. they were mostly inspired by kentucky happenings. cone flowers and cabins and almost drowning in rain. but in a good way.

after having a garden vegetable dinner with my parents tonight i drove the forty minutes back at dusk with the windows down. the heat of the day was gone but it left a haze that made the late light pink and dense like cotton pressing in. the kudzu has grown so thick along the sides of the road you can part it with your hands like a heavy, velvet stage curtain. lilli in the backseat earnestly singing along to r.e.m., feed me banks of light and hang your hairshirt on the lowest rung
it's a beautiful life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

natural disasters and good music

i have never spent any time in kentucky until last week. i'm sure i've driven through it, definitely flown over it, but never taken any of it in - never had a kentucky experience. so when Kelly and I saw that the no deachunter round robin tour was stopping in newport we took the opportunity to visit a bit. it was pretty awesome. there was an unexpected hiccup being that our perfect cabin-in-the-woods on the red river was located in a "dry county" and we failed to bring any beer or wine with us. when traveling to kentucky bring your own camping booze! there, are in fact, not natural bourbon springs and the liquor laws are confusing and horrible. and visit the red river gorge. it's breathtaking.

the one lane rock tunnel we had to pass through to get to the cabin. it was long and led to many scary, after-dark thoughts later on. most of these pictures are stolen from kells.

then on to louisville and the morning of the torrential storms that put downtown under water. we watched a wide drainage ditch behind our hotel completely fill with water and overflow.

that dropped something like 7 inches of rain in an hour. we were able to make it out just before they closed the interstate and drove to newport where the show was one of the best i've ever seen. honest! the dance tunnel still makes me feel all loved-up thinking of it. i'm horrible at reviews so here's a great one.

Friday, August 7, 2009

a few new things...

i finished these up before vacation last week and they never made it here. i still have the opposing book cover and enough scraps to continue with the same colors for another piece because i am all kinds of in love with them.